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Sony KD-65A1 4K HDR OLED TV Review

Sony’s latest OLED TV is one of the best of 2017,  but there are some things to consider before buying.

  1. $$$$Pricey – The first is that this an OLED panel, which is still an expensive technology in 2017…and its a 65 in panel.
  1. Control – The remote is considered a big disappointment with the Sony A1.  The only redeeming feature about it is that it has a button for voice input, but no motion control like LG, or Bluetooth.
  2. Apps and Games – The Sony A1 runs Android Nougat and comes with the common Android apps preinstalled, like Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies, and Sony’s own Serial Ab Tak. Although not pre-installed, Amazon Prime Video is easily available from the Play Store. If you’re into games there are downloads for them but here isn’t a dedicated controller for them. You will have to buy a third party game controller.
  3. Audio –  The KD-65A1 has two actuators that use the surface of the screen itself to emit audio…. and you feel drawn into the panel. Audio output was crisp, but somewhat distorted at high levels, although it easily capable of filling a large room. If you have a home theater or surround sound, you will want to run the audio though that rather than the panel itself. There is a separate sub-woofer for the lows.
  4. Upscaling – Upscaling worked really well and 1080p games using a PS4, and 720p games using an Xbox 360, and both did very well.

Contrast and Lighting –  This OLED TV is capable of producing brilliant blacks and the panel technology is excellent for taking advantage of dark environments, The Sony KD-65A1’s OLED panel is stunning when it comes to movies, regardless of the input medium. is the premier Sony OLED integrator in the San Francisco bay area and into Sacramento

Verdict – The KD-65A1 is a work-horse and has extraordinary video capabilities, no matter what media you throw at it. HDR-10 as well as Dolby Vision makes this panel future-ready and does an excellent job of giving you good sound. The maximum brightness is one weak spot, but the viewing angle is good.  It would be hard not to recommend this TV for both HDR and SDR viewing. Buyers just have to be prepared to deal with its odd angular stand and lacklustre remote. Read the Entire Review Here…

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Sony KD-65A1 4K HDR OLED TV Review
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