The Top Smart Home Trends of 2017 and What to Expect in 2018

2017  was a big year for smart home technologies, as voice control solutions grabbed the attention of DIY’er and more IoT devices (Internet of Things) enabled consumers to communicate  and easily control their  thermostats, lights, and other products remotely from their smartphones.

Here are a few of the most noteworthy smart home developments of 2017:


Voice control platforms like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri, exploded  …it allowed you can operate your home’s lights, audio equipment, thermostats, and complete home automation systems via voice…and once you tried it, you were hooked.

Going Forward in 2018: Voice will still be gaining speed with more advancements….


Do you IoT..yes you do!! …2017 allowed you to easily lock your front door, watch the cameras around your home, turn the lights on or off and set the thermostat. Iot device control was and is great but we are at the tip of a possible cybersecurity nightmare.

Going Forward in 2018: IoT cyber security will be front and center.


Over the years your tech home has grown up and its hungry. 2017 saw a big wave of more DIY Smart Home products enter the marketplace and that trend will continue. Your Home Network is the heart of any “smart home” and with more and more devices in the home that are dependent on connectivity, it’s no wonder that bandwidth, connectivity and security is at the heart of of your “smart home.”

New technologies like 4K and IoT products like smart locks, thermostats, video surveillance cameras, shadEs, lights, and more… are all struggling to stay connected and deliver intranet ( you home) and internet (the cloud..your apps) data.

Going Forward in 2018: Digital Living’s CEO Derich Marsh, predicts the biggest need in 2018 will be securing your home network from cyber and IoT attacks.

“It will be crucial that you pick your home technology pro wisely…pick one that has a deep understanding and deep experience of IP (your network) and how to protect it. You have many IoT devices that need protection and your personal data depends on a deep level of IP security.”

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The Top Smart Home Trends of 2017 and What to Expect in 2018
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