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The Best Smart Home Gadgets in 2017

We get it, understanding what smart home products would be the best for you is a headache.

Of the many products, knowing which ones provide the biggest return on your initial investment is a guessing game. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars buying the latest and “so-called” greatest only to find out you cant install them or they work nicely with other products in your home.

Get The Help You Need With Your DIY Smart Home Products  Digital Living’s Pro Install Team

Here are the top five basic smart home products to smarten up your home in 2018. Mesh Network, Amazon Echo, smart Outlets, Ecobee, and Ecovacs. Now if you want a professional grade Smart Home then reach out to your local Digital Living and get a professional grade smart home.

Google WiFi While Wi-Fi certainly isn’t a smart device, the way Google does it puts it firmly in the “smart” camp. Unlike a traditional router, Google’s system allows you to add as many …continue reading here TNW Picks: The best smart home gadgets in 2017

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