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Comcast “Works with Xfinity” Smart Home Program

Comcast has launched the “Works with Xfinity” smart home program..

It allows around 15 million broadband subscribers to connect and control their various smart-home devices …well, at no cost.

“Compatible devices include products from Alphabet’s Nest, Honeywell, August, GE, Netgear, Philips, and other well-known connected home device makers. Customers will be able to control these devices through the X1 voice remote device, the xFi mobile application designed to control Xfinity’s home Wi-Fi networks, or through the Xfinity Home mobile application designed to control its professionally installed smart home offering.”

One has to think that Xfinity, who has been attempting to enter into the Smart Home game is offering this “free” service only to attract entry level DIY smart home users, only to then start charging for that service later on. Believe me, users are tired of the rising monthly charges, and its getting out of control with companies like Xfinity, ADT and Vivint.

“In addition, they can set these devices for certain settings based on the time of day. For example, a user might say, “goodnight,” to the X1 voice remote, which would prompt the system to shut off all the lights in the home, lock the doors, and activate any connected security cameras.”

Smart Home systems are complex and that is why companies like Control4 are the leaders, only because they are able to tackle the extremely difficult engineering it takes to make multiple hardware vendors talk to to each other and work seamlessly.

“The company sees itself in a unique position to leverage its core internet service business to help galvanize overall smart home adoption.” Sridhar Solur, Comcast ups its smart home game with new “Works with Xfinity” program

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