Google Home or Chromecast Could Be Crashing Your Wi-Fi

Having issues with your wifi? Noticing fluctuations or minor, or short outages, with the return of internet? Google Home or Chromecast may be the culprit.

The broadcast storm issue is caused by the Cast feature. It allows Google Home speakers and Chromecast devices to communicate over your home network.

“This feature sends an MDNS multicast discovery packets to discover and keep a live connection with Google products such as Google Home,” says TP-Link. are the wifi pros and can engineer professional and secure wifi networks in your home and business

Normally, the packets are sent out in 20-second intervals. Following a recent firmware update, for some unexplained reason, when exiting a sleep state, the devices would sometimes send an excessive number of packets (exceeding 100,000, in some cases) to the router, causing it to crash.

A fix by Google has not yet been released and Google hasn’t responded to the issue Google Home or Chromecast might be crashing your Wi-Fi

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Google Home or Chromecast Could Be Crashing Your Wi-Fi
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