Defend Network and Customers Against IoT-Based DDoS Attacks


Experts have long warned that the inherent lack of security in many of the devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT) would come back to haunt us. The DDoS events of the past year have brought this concern into sharp focus, by demonstrating just how damaging an IoT-powered botnet can be.

pipelinepub.comWhile 2016 marked a turning point for DDoS, attacks reached new heights in terms of both size and complexity. Mirai showed us how powerful an IoT-powered botnet can really be with the unprecedented attack against DNS provider Dyn just over a year ago. Overnight, the security considerations around connected devices went from being something that security consultants have long warned about into a hot button issue that demands to be addressed.

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More IoT and Network Security From Around the Web You Fear The Reaper? What makes Reaper and other IoT-based attacks particularly scary is their breadth … While there have been no confirmed reports of Reaper being used to carry out an attack yet, the potential for a DDoS strike looms, especially considering that Mirai … security is your concern, trust the cloud! The recent IoT based malware—Mirai botnet—affected home users and ISPs across countries. It turned networked devices like routers and cameras into DDoS attack bots. It proved even the most advanced botnet defence systems ineffective as the scale of the …



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