Surface Phone: Can It Be A Mobile Phone Industry Killer?

Does Microsoft Have a Surprise in Store  for 2018

The Surface Phone has become a myth in the smartphone industry. Microsoft has been dropping hints that it would unveil its comeback to the mobile space in 2018.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated that if Microsoft were to enter the mobile industry once more, it would be through a device that is far different than anything currently on the market.

Just recently, Microsoft was granted a patent for a device that pretty much ticks off all the boxes of the CEO’s bold prediction. The recent patents that emerged of the Surface Phone were indeed unlike anything that is currently in the industry. Surface Phone: Microsoft Might End Up Killing An Industry With Its Latest Mobile Device

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Why there’s no Windows TV and will Microsoft make another Band? #AskDanWindows Ep 36 Microsoft Surface Phone rumor mill has been relatively quiet for a while now, but a new patent is stirring things up again. The new filing gives a hint at what the new device might look like, and judging from the diagrams, it will look like no other phone currently existing today. Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors: Patent Filing Hints at Dual Screens, Special Hinges long-rumored Surface Phone could actually come true in 2018. A new patent application by Microsoft is apparently detailing some information on a foldable handset that’s running Andromeda OS. The device is expected to be foldable, so that the hardware would be pocketable. Just recently, a patent application by the Redmond giant surfaced on the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website. The document mainly explains a “hinge with free-stop function” for mobile phones and tablets. The patent claims that the need for such a technology is evident nowadays because hinges for dual-display devices are more often than not problematic. Microsoft Surface Phone With Foldable Dual-Display Setup’s Hinge Explained In New Patent




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