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Guest Blog by Joseph Sarrasin, Unified Communications Strategy Director, Crestron If you told an office worker from the 1950s that people would someday be able to hold face-to-face meetings with colleagues situated all over the globe, they’d probably think you needed to get your head checked (or maybe that you’d been reading too much science fiction).

Some predictions about future meeting room tech:

  • Video meeting room technology right now encapsulates 10 to 15% of the market, but in the next five years, it’s likely to hit 50% or more —  5G may help push this
  • Local-only collaboration technology will improve, with new meeting room features like occupancy detection and schedule release, the room is automatically released back into the booking system
  • Smart building controls will continue to be added to meeting rooms, so meeting participants can control factors like temperature and lighting…If people are comfortable, it’s easier for them to stay engaged
  • UC platforms already add the ability to share content and collaborate, and their value as communications tools will increase with future capabilities like real-time translation —
  • Eventually, meeting room technologies will advance to a point where a room will effectively become another employee: It will “listen” to what people say, transcribe it, break notes into bullets, and assign action items.

Video conferencing is an almost non-negotiable component of meeting rooms going forward

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